All children deserve fun

Ayrshire Childrens Services supports children aged 3 -18 years who have Additional Support Needs, we tailor your service around what you require.


Create a service, which incorporates
the childs vision of their future.

Share our experiences and successes with
others to encourage community inclusion.

Respect the child's right to be accepted
and included by their community.

Support children and their families to realise
their potential and allow them to grow.

Create positive change for every child
regardless of ability and social status.

Our Approach

ACS will be there when you need us, where you need us and for as long as you need us. We help children to access activities such as, sports, art, music, clubs and groups, if your child wants to try something new we will try to support them in everyway we can.

“Since my daughter has started to receive support from ACS she has learnt to cook and make a full meal, she loves getting out and about and she has made new friends. Before this she stayed at home and apart from attending school she had no other contact with young people her age.

I care for Louise she is 16yrs and soon will be transferring to adult services; I feel much better about this as our ACS support worker is making links with adult support services to help her transfer over with less stress, I have never come across a service like this in 16yrs”

How can we help you?


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