Our Approach

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Ayrshire Childrens Services supports children aged 6 -18 years who have Additional Support Needs, we tailor your service around what you require. ACS will be there when you need us, where you need us and for as long as you need us. We help children to access activities such as, sports, art, music, clubs and groups, if your child wants to try something new we will try to support them in everyway we can.

“My son sits at the window and watches for the car to pull up he gets excited to see his worker. Before ACS started to support my son he spent many hours on his Play Station, he now likes to play the games that he learned at his group. staff contact often to see if there is anything else that they could be doing better they always listen to us and my son. My son is more active, he is beginning to fit in better than before he has a few friends now, who comes to play.”