Making a referral

Making a referral is easy with Ayrshire Children’s Services (ACS)

To make a referral to ACS you first need to consider the following:

Is the child / young person aged 3 – 18 years?

Do they live in Ayrshire?

Does the child / young person wish to engage with support services?


ACS is committed to listening to the childs views and working alongside them to ensure our support is effective and helpful. We wish to:

Create positive change for every child regardless of ability and social status

Support children and their families to realise their potential and allow them to grow

Respect the child’s right to be accepted and included in their community

Share our experiences and successes with others to encourage community inclusion

Create a service, which incorporates the child’s vision of their future.


Please note that there is a cost for this service. Please contact our main office 01294 588 123 to discuss your requirements