Self-Direct support can be a maze of information and we can help you get the best from it.

Through your SDS budgets ACS will ensure your money is used effectively. We will be there when you need us and for as long as you need us, continually adapting our support to meet the needs of your child.

SDS allows you to be in control of your life, it can be used as inventively as you like. ACS staff are trained to ‘think outside the box’ and through our fresh and modern approach to service delivery we are changing the way individuals receive support.

Self-directed support (SDS) allows you to choose how your child’s support is provided and gives you as much control as you want over the budget you are allocated. Allocation of budgets are based on the needs of your child and your expectation of what support you require to enable your child to live, play and be educated equality.

Your budget is based on an assessment carried out by a specially trained Social Worker and will give you a support plan based on your children ‘health and social care outcomes’. You can use your SDS, DLA or pay privately to buy our unique and individual services. You can receive your budget in the following 4 ways:


Option 1

You choose to receive a direct payment into your bank account to purchase support yourself, you can receive support to do this.

Option 2

You can choose your own support; however, your budget is held for you by your local council or an accredited third party and they pay direct to the services you access.


Option 3

You choose to have the council select the appropriate support and arrange it for you.


Option 4

A mix of options 1,2 and 3 for specific aspects of your support. Please contact us and we will guide you through the process.